What is StarClinch New Year Hungama?
You can book Artists up to 2 months in advance at a heavy discount for performance on December 24th, 25th, 31st & January 1st and pay directly on the website without even a single minute delay!

1. Why should I book in advance?
by StarClinch is a once in a year opportunity to get rock bottom prices for all Artist and Performer requirements that you need to plan a rocking New Year and Christmas eve at your venue or your client's event! The closer you get to D-day, the higher rates Artists tend to quote due to higher demand. So book now to avail the best rates for the Artist of your choice!

2. How do I know that these are discounted prices?
StarClinch believes in transparency and best practices. That is why we will show you the Artist's regular price on Hungama and their discounted rates exclusively for StarClinch, from which you can check the discount yourself! 

3. Why should I book with StarClinch?
Booking with StarClinch gets you lower prices than booking directly with Artist. We have exclusive low booking price arrangements with Artists because we give them bookings in bulk.

4. What is my payment schedule?
50% of the amount is paid by you online at the time of booking, and the remaining 50% at least 15 days before the event. We have several payment options available on StarClinch, including a easy and free EMI on your credit card!

5. What if the Artist cancels the booking or is a no-show?
This is not a common occurrence, since we only connect you to trusted artists who are reviewed by our clients and team. However in case of any contingency,  you get the advantage of booking via StarClinch. We will try our best to find an equivalent replacement in time for your event, or refund the entire booking amount if you're still unhappy! StarClinch will arrange to refund 100% of the payment made back to you, including any advance released to the Artist.

6. Why should I pay advance ?
Paying in advance gets you heavily discounted price which you can pay in EMI. StarClinch pays an advance to the Artist to block their calendar for your event. To ensure that the Artist gives you rock bottom price and confirm the date, we have to give a guarantee.

7. What is the event management fee of StarClinch?
StarClinch does not manage the event or charge any fee for its services. Hence, we do not indulge in any event related services.

8. Do I have to pay anything extra to StarClinch?
Our bread and butter comes from the artist because they are our subscribers and we give them bookings in volume. So, in general, we get you a price which is lower than what they directly quote!

9. Will StarClinch organise and manage the live event?
StarClinch does not organise or manage events. However if you need an event management company or organiser, we would be happy to assist you find one.

10. Who will arrange the light, stage and sound for the event ?
We do not arrange the light, stage and sound for the event. Most clients prefer to organise event related technical aspects themselves as these can be easily procured locally. In case you need assistance to arrange technical requirements for the event, the Artist will be happy to assist you.

11. Who will organise the travel and stay of the Artist?
All arrangements for the Artist's travel and stay would be made by you or your agency. There are dozens of Portals from where you can book in a jiffy. StarClinch does not arrange for the same.

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