1. Artist options in thousands

Not in hundreds but in thousands, to choose from 14 categories and 100+ sub-categories. Options available in every city, budget, language, genre, gender.

2. Already negotiated rock-bottom rates

Don’t be surprised with our unbelievable prices because the Fee has been derived out of committing bulk bookings but the best part is that the onus is not on you.

3. No need to maintain database of Artists

Creating list of Artists can be tedious and painful exercise when your hands are already full. Stay focused on closing the deal with your clients and let us do your dirty work.

4. Up-to-date information, today and always

Fee of every Artist varies with time, season and peak dates. We keep the information updated so you can pitch without any delay. And wait, did we tell you that we keep their Tech and Hospitality riders handy, just in case ;)

5. Pay and forget

Managing an event is no joke and we understand it. You’re the Boss! Leave the Artist Booking to professionals. We’ll ensure that the Artist reaches on-time, set things up and be ready for the performance even before you get the hang of it.

6. Get what you ordered, no surprises here

We know and seen the ugly side. No lapses, no last minute changes. The Artist arrives with the same face that you saw and paid. Unless, s/he is inspired by Mission Impossible…. hahaha

7. Your client remains yours, no trespassing

We thrive on love and trust. And we won’t even let your client come in-between us. If you’re the first ones to block the date of an Artist, we’ll be frank and upfront in apprising the same to your client. And for an everlasting bond, the quote will be kept secret…. pinky promise!

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